Aliver Rosemary Essential Oil for Hair

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Aliver Rosemary Essential Oil for improve circulation, stimulates hair growth. Diluted and used topically, its tonic properties help stimulate hair follicles to lengthen and strengthen hair while slowing graying, hair loss and moisturizing dry scalp.

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100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil for Hair

Nourishes Hair and Promotes Hair Growth


Rosemary essential oil is a mainstay in aromatherapy, not just for its pleasant smell but also because it's able to calm the body while energizing the mind. The medicinal and health benefits of rosemary oil come free of side effects, making it a great addition to your first-aid kit. However, it's recommended to avoid using rosemary oil on children under 4 years old. You can also keep rosemary oil in your bathroom for oral, hair and skin care



  • Essential Oils for Hair – Cleansing essential oils like rosemary can help improve your hair care by working as a dry scalp oil exfoliator scalp cleanser and hair shine serum for flawless-looking hair
  • Pure Essential Oils – Rosemary is one of the top essential oils for diffusers at home because aromatherapy essential oils for diffusers and other uses help enhance wellness wherever and whenever
  • Rosemary Oil for Skin – Rosemary is one of our favourite essential oils for skin use as a natural cleansing oil with antioxidants great for beauty DIYs best paired with one of our carrier oils
  • Diffuser Oil – Breathe in the wonderful aroma of natural rosemary aromatherapy oil as the diffuser essential oil fills the air with a clean scent bringing a whole new feel to any room or setting
  • Aliver Quality- Try our rosemary oil essential oil for yourself and see why so many people choose Aliver for their essential oils aromatherapy products and other natural oils



Rosemary essential oil benefits


What is it function as follows:

  • Rosemary Essential Oil nourishing formula deeply nourishes hair and gives deep nourishment to hair, controls sebum,and then improves the dandruff phenomenon, maintains a healthy scalp and effectively strengthens hair roots.
  • Apply to the base of the lashes every night to make them rapid growth and nourishment.
  • Add 3-4 drops of rosemary essential oil to the aromatherapy machine.It can help you relieve emotions, refresh your mind, and improve work efficiency when you study or work.
  • Rosemary Oil can promote blood circulation when bathing in bath water.
  • If you have dry cuticles, this oil will help your fingers moisturize, especially during the harsh winter season.
  • Increases blood circulation, stimulates sleeping follicles and maximizes oil absorption.
  • The hair growth oil activates your hair follicles and boosts your hair growth.

Rosemary Essential Oil Also Works On Eyelashes & Eyebrows

Use a brush with an appropriate amount of essential oil and apply it evenly on your lashes and brows every day, you will be pleasantly surprised to find that they will become thicker.


  • 100% Pure & Natural Essential Oil – It is made up of ingredients like rosemary and coconut oil, safe and effective, preservative-free and promotes hair growth by rejuvenating hair follicles. It is great for you relaxation and better sleeping.
  • Nourishes Hair and Promotes Hair Growth – Improves circulation, and stimulates hair growth. Diluted and used topically, its tonic properties help stimulate hair follicles to lengthen and strengthen hair while slowing greying, minimizing hair loss and moisturizing dry scalp.
  • Non-greasy & Refreshing – Rosemary Oil is high in nutrients, treats your hair with active nutrients that keep them healthy without looking greasy, helps your hair get the necessary nutrients for gorgeous volume, and incredible shine.It is a good hair care product, Suitable for all types of hair.
  • Multi-function Uses – Rosemary Oil can be used for aromatherapy, physiotherapy, skin care. It is scent make it the first choice be skin care massage . Rosemary hair oil can be mixed with other essential oils.


How to use Rosemary Essential Oil for hair


How to use 

Take a small amount of rosemary nourishment oil to the scalp,hair, body,beard,eyebrows or eyelashes,massage with fingers for 2-3 minutes until absorbed.You will feel it can nourish and repair damaged hair and remove excess oil. What's more, your skin will get better and better after using it for two weeks.



Rosemary essential oil can only be used externally, not edible;
Avoid contact with eyes, ears and sensitive areas;
Rosemary essential oil is a powerful essential oil, please be sure to use it after dilution;
May cause skin sensitivity, please keep it out of reach of children;
If you are pregnant,children, breastfeeding or receive medical treatment.


Volume: 60ml


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