Aliver Rose Hair Growth Shampoo Bar, 60g

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Aliver Rose Hair Growth Shampoo Bar stimulates hair regrowth and increases overall hair volume. Natural Organic treatment protects against hair loss, particularly that related to male or female pattern baldness.

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Aliver Rose Hair Growth Shampoo Bar (60g). A totally plastic-free shampoo bar that nourishes and cleans hair while bestowing locks with a rather lovely pink tone, the Aliver Rose Shampoo Bar is a shower staple for any rosy-haired eco-warrior.


About this item:

  • EFFECT: This Aliver shampoo bar contains rose, ginseng, and other plant essences, that clean the hair and moisturize the scalp. Keeping hair moisture for a long time, improve hair quality, and makes the hair more energetic, and healthy after long-term use. Suitable for all types of hair.
  • TOP QUALITY INGREDIENTS: Formulated for dry and damaged hair. This Aliver rose and vanilla-scented shampoo and conditioner set are made with only the best handmade, vegan products. This shampoo and conditioner bar set is SLS-free, Cruelty-free, Paraben free, GMO-free, Silicon free & Naturally Scented.
  • PLASTIC-FREE & ZERO WASTE: Are you trying to live a plastic-free life?? This shampoo and conditioner bar set is made with the planet in mind. 100% plastic-free packaging. There is no plastic wrapping and no shampoo bottles. This will save up to 3 plastic shampoo bottles & 3 plastic conditioner bottles per bar!
  • MADE FOR TREATING COLORED AND DAMAGED HAIR: Argan oil contains vitamin E and fatty acids that will revitalize hair that has dried out from overuse of harsh hair treatments. Jojoba seed oil gives you protection against dryness, breakage and split ends. Apricot oil contains a high amount of vitamin E which has many benefits for the scalp and hair. Cocoa seed butter has healing and softening properties that will make your hair healthy and shiny.
  • EASY TO TAKE ON THE GO: These are solid bars which makes them ideal for taking to the gym, camping, the beach or travelling. This great travel-size shampoo bar can also double as a body and face wash.


Our Aliver Rose Hair Growth Shampoo Bar is suitable for all hair types and nourishes chemically treated hair, braids, weaving fabrics and both the hair with low and high porosity, leaving all hair, even dry, processed locks, shiny and soft.



  • HAIR REGROWTH: Stimulate hair regrowth on bald areas. Increase overall hair volume.
  • ANTI-HAIR LOSS: Great reduction in hair loss and hairline receding.
  • ANTI-DANDRUFF: Enhances the vitality of hair follicles, inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria, effectively cleans dandruff.
  • OIL CONTROL ANDANTI-ITCHING: Improve circulation in scalps. Improves problems such as excessive oiliness and itching.
  • SMOOTH AND SHINY: This product is rich in ginger oil, which deeply nourishes the scalp, promotes nutrient absorption, repairs damaged hair, makes hair smooth and supple, and improves dryness and yellowing of hair.


This product is rich in rose essential oil. It deeply nourishes the scalp, regulates oil scalp and hair and gets rid of dandruff, prevents hair loss and promotes hair follicle growth. Repairs damaged hair, makes hair smooth and supple, and improves scalp health. 

Rose works great on damaged hair. Some of the best benefits are – fights scalp acne and inflammation prevents hair loss and adds shine and a healing scent.


How to use Aliver Rose Hair Growth Shampoo Bar:

  • 1. Wet the bar and use it directly on your wet hair or rub the bar directly onto the roots
  • 2. Massage into lengths and ends of hair
  • 3. Rinse Hair thoroughly
  • 4. Store bar where it can air dry between uses


Precautions: Don't swallow. The product has been carefully tested for safety, but it does not completely eliminate allergic reactions. If you are allergic to this product, please stop using it. See a doctor if necessary. Please keep dry and out of reach of children. 


Package included: 1 * Aliver Rose Hair Growth Shampoo Bar (60g).

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