Aliver Dark Spot Corrector for Body Face

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Use this Aliver dark spot corrector for your face and other body parts. Use it for your face, arms, legs, between thighs, knees, elbows and more, it can be absorbed quickly without sticky feeling.

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Dark Spot Corrector for Brighter Face Body Skin


For Face and Body Dark Spot Remover Corrector


Moisturize Skin Dark Spot Remover Corrector for Brighter Face Body Skin


Natural & Non-Irritating Dark Spot Remover Corrector for Brighter Face Body Skin


Easy to Use Dark Spot Remover Corrector for Brighter Face Body Skin


Easy use Dark Spot Remover



Aliver Dark Spot Remover Skin Corrector Whitening Cream contains powerful and effective ingredients that work deeply in the skin to reduce dark spots, hyperpigmentation, scars, discolouration, melasma, and uneven tones on the face and body to give you an even new skin tone.


Professional Treatment of Dark Spots:

  • This dark spot remover can the black deposits of the skin, and professionally treat dark spots on the face and body.
  • Gentle and Effective. Designed, tested, and approved by dermatologists, safe and effective, suitable for all skin tones, mild and non-irritating, and can also be used on sensitive skin.
  • No Preservatives. Our products have never been tested on animals, are cruelty-free, hypoallergenic, and preservative-free.
  • Scientific Formula to Dissolve Stubborn Spots. Nicotinamide, sodium hyaluronate, and other plant extracts are concentrated, anti-freckle ingredients that penetrate deep into the skin, fight against dullness, and deeply nourish the skin; leaving the skin full of elasticity and moisture.
  • For Various Types of Spots. This dark spot remover targets various types of spots, well-defined spots, and small spots widely distributed on the face. It can be absorbed quickly without a sticky feeling.




Aliver Dark Spot Remover For Face concentrates plant extracts such as niacinamide and sodium hyaluronate, targeting various types of spots, sharply defined spots, and small spots that are widely distributed on the face. It can be absorbed quickly, without stickiness, diminishes stains, and makes the skin translucent.



  • Clean and dry skin thoroughly.
  • Apply a thin layer to the entire areas affected with dark spots. 
  • Apply a bit of additional treatment cream to individual dark spots. 
  • Leave the cream on the skin for about5-10 minutes to fully absorb.
  • When using the dark spot remover, it is important to avoid excessive sun exposure and apply a daily SPF 30 sunscreen in the mornings to protect your skin from harmful sunlight UV rays.



  • When using for the first time, please use a small amount in a small area, and continue to use it after confirming that there is no allergy.
  • Store in a cool and dry place.
  • Please keep this product out of reach of children. 



1x Dark Spot Remover Cream

Volume: 60 ml

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