Aliver Anti Fungal Nail Treatment Oil

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Protect the skin around your toes & feet from fungus under & around the nails where accessible with applicator. This antifungal fungus solution with triple action formula kills fungus, stops itching & burning, & restores skin. Volume 30ml.

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  • NATURAL NAIL REPAIR OIL KIT: We use only natural ingredients to make the nail repair cuticle oil, so you can be sure it won't damage your nails in any way. We never cut corners when it comes down to safety and quality, which is why our nail care oil contains no harsh chemicals or artificial fragrances! The nail care kit comes with a nail file to help you get the perfect shape for your nails!
  • REVITALIZE YOUR NAILS: Natural nail oil is perfect for strengthening and protecting your toenails. We use the best oil blend in our nail growth oil for a natural balance of nutrients that will help restore the nails' health while preventing breakage or chipping! This nail growth oil is the best way to get rid of nail discolouration. Cuticle oil for nails will help restore your toenails' natural colour and make them look radiant again.
  • DEEP PENETRATING FORMULA: A nail strengthener for thin nails and growth is the perfect solution for fixing damaged toenails and fingernails. The hard, brittle toenails that refuse to grow the right way can be repaired using our nail repair for damaged nails. Cuticle softener can help you soften the nails and restore the skin elasticity, preventing toenails from becoming embedded in the skin.
  • FAST RESULTS: The nail aid oil has been specifically formulated to nourish your nails, giving them the necessary nutrients for healthy growth. With our nail strengthener for damaged nails, you can quickly and effectively restore your damaged toenails to their original state. This nail growth oil will help you achieve strong and beautiful-looking nails in just 4 weeks!



Nail fungus (medically as “Onychomycosis”, “ringworm of the nail” or “nail mycosis”) is a common nail condition.

Nail fungus is hard to miss in later stages. It appears most often on toenails, although it can just as easily infect your fingernails. Once you have nail fungus, your only recourse is to begin a treatment – nail fungus may not go away on its own.

It is difficult for people to spot the early signs of nail fungus since the condition may vary visually from case to case and based on its cause. As the nail grows infected, you will notice a discolouration of the nail usually yellowish in hue; however nail fungus is often white, black, or green at different stages of development.

With time, the nail becomes brittle, cloudy and thickens. Treatment options and times vary depending on the severity of the fungus, usually, a minimum of two to three months of daily treatment is enough to make a substantial visible difference.

We recommend ongoing use for +3 months for best results.


A NATURAL & POWERFUL DIY SOLUTION: No need to waste time and money on nail solutions with harmful chemicals that don’t work. Our toenail medication uses natural tea tree oil and oregano oil to obliterate nail damage and save you from embarrassment. If you battling toenail damage, use Aliver Treatment at home to get rid of it without having to go to a doctor!

HEALTHY, BEAUTIFUL FEET & NAILS DESIGNED BY NATURE: Stop the spread of nail damage and athlete’s foot. Using a natural blend of artemisia argyl and sophora extract, Aliver nail treatment is designed to penetrate to the core of nail damage and remove it for good. Our athlete’s foot treatment nourishes skin and nails and repairs toenail and fingernail damage to give you beautiful skin and nails.

SAVE YOURSELF THE EMBARRASSMENT: Walking around with a nail infection can be humiliating. Aliver toenail treatment delivers exactly what infected nails and skin need to recover and stop the spread of damage. Kick off your shoes without worry, show off your beautiful toes, and get comfy!

BUILDS STRONGER NAILS & REPAIRS DAMAGE: Athletes’ foot and nail discolouration can cause significant damage to toenails and skin if left unchecked. It uses natural artemisia Argyl and sophora extract to nourish and repair irritated nails while simultaneously getting rid of toenail irritations. Expect to see results in as little as 4 weeks.


  • NEW natural Made with natural herb extracts designed to nourish, treat and restore nail health back to its natural healthy condition, effectively treats repair cracked, rough, nail discolouration, brittle and split toenails
  • Nail Care Solution- We have seen good results in solving nail issues on fingernails
  • Strength Repair and Protection – The premium solution effectively restores discolouration, and brittle and cracked nails back to their normal status. It also protects from further damage.
  • Easy to Use – The liquid applies easily with the included brush applicator and dries quickly.
  • Contact if Needed – The recovery period depends on the growth and degree of damaged nails and can therefore take different lengths of time. Please use 2-3 times per day.


  • Item Type: Nail Treatment
  • Quantity: 1pcs
  • Type: Cuticle Oil/Nourishment Oil
  • Ingredient: Essence oil
  • NET WT: 30ml
  • Effect: Nail Treatment, Nail Gel


Package: 1 x Nail Treatment Essence Nail and Foot Whitening Toe Nail Repair Cream

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