4D Extra Volume Mascara

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Mascara Aliver 4D is designed to give volume and lengthen eyelashes. Creates thick and soft bangs for eyelashes, does not crumble, and does not smudge or stick together. It has a waterproof and long-lasting effect.

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Aliver get the voluminous false lash effects of the original in a waterproof formula

The special conic shaped fiber brush provides lashes with length and dramatic volume

Aliver Mascara in Australia

Aliver Apply one coat for instant defined volume, or 2-3 coats for an extra voluminous, bold look.


Aliver Sweat, weather & tears are no match for this mascara!

Aliver Mascara Free from alcohol, parabens, fragrance, & microplastic particles.


ULTIMATE VOLUME & LENGTH->4D Eyelash Mascara is deeply pigmented and instantly creates beautifully dramatic and bold lashes with just a single application that brings out the beauty of your eyes and compliment your overall makeup look.

STAY BEAUTIFUL ALL DAY: This waterproof and long-lasting mascara formula ensures that your eyelashes stay wonderfully long, thick, and voluminous all day long, even when it rains, tears and sweat.

Not susceptible to the impact of natural temperature, has moisture resistance, emulsification, and is waterproof. Easily enhanced thick eyelashes, quick and easy way to enjoy lusciously long lashes, easily show thick lashes, creating charming eyes.

Waterproof, smudge-proof, and non-clumping. Say goodbye to spidery, flaky, and unnatural-looking lashes, and say hello to dark, rich, and stunning lashes. It can be removed easily by lotion or warm water with no oil inside, anti-cold water, anti-sweat, not pollute cosmetics.


Why choose our curl mascara? 

  • Instant having long, thick eyelashes, easily give you eye-catching make-up. 
  • Curl fine and tight fleece brush, easily give a deep, beautiful make-up.
  •  Waterproof nourishing formula, care for eyelashes, especially for fine and short eyelashes. 
  • Stays neat and fresh all day, no clumping, no smudging or flaking, and the curling brush for curl eyelash. 
  • Non-toxic, hypoallergenic, fully friendly for sensitive eyes, a great gift for surprise. 
  • Increase sharply and long eyelashes to make you more charming, perfectly match your various makeup. 


Eyelash Mascara is designed specifically for a lady who also wants to be pretty. Just brush your eyelashes lightly, you can win super long, thick, curly eyelashes. Let you be confident all day long.


Benefits of 4D Eyelash Mascara:

  • Longer, Thicker, Voluminous
  • Waterproof
  • Long-Lasting
  • Natural, NO Disperse
  • Deeply Pigmented
  • Easy to Brush
  • Easy to Clean
  • Gentle & Safe Formula


Unique Brush Head Design:

The mascara can be evenly distributed on the bristles, and each lash is wrapped in the smear process. showing naturally dense eyelashes.

4D Fiber Eyelash Mascara

Deepen the color of the eyelashes, making your eyelashes thicker, longer, and curled. Zoom in on your eyes makes you more beautiful and confident.


How to Use?

1. Curl the eyelashes with eyelash clips

2. From the root of the eyelashes, brush up in the ‘z’ shape, you can pause at the end of the eye for shopping.

3. You can brush your eyelash in the same way.


Specification Item type: 

  1. Eyelash Mascara Color: Black
  2. Package Content: 1 Bottle of Curl Mascara (0.33 fl. Oz/10ml)
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Dimensions 14 × 3.5 × 2.1 cm

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